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Riff & Roll Exclusive Interview With Robert Fleischman

Riff and Roll caught up with Robert Fleishman, whose album "Perfect Strangers" Jimmy worked on prior to joining Aerosmith...
Robert Fleischman

Hi Robert, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Now first of all - I'm sure you'd love to give a few plugs to your latest projects - what have you been up to lately?

Last year my latest solo album was released entitled "World in Your Eyes" and in late 2002/2003, which kept me pretty busy. This year is looking great with a new release in March a song I wrote using the words of the Lord's Prayer on a compilation album featuring Lou Graham of Foreigner . I am very proud of it and I think it's time for a spiritual awakening. A lot more information will be released on my website along with another album in the making.

Perfect Strangers
Tell us about how you came to work with Jimmy.

We met through Jimmy Iovine in New York. I was recording at the Record Plant (NY) and working on a song called "Ace in the Hole" and I wanted a slide guitar for the solo. Jimmy C. came in and he was fantastic. We became friends, though we didn't see each other all of the time, but when we did, it was just like we had spoken yesterday. That's what I love about him.

Jimmy played on "Perfect Strangers" - when did the sessions begin and end on that record?

The sessions were in 1978.

So how much of the album "Perfect Strangers" did Jimmy perform on?

I know he played on "Ace in the Hole" and I am not sure if he had played on other songs.

Did Jimmy play on anything else that wasn't included on that album?


Were there any video clips produced from that time?


Can you recall any funny stories from Jimmy's sessions?

Years later I put together a band with Jimmy Crespo, Tony Franklin, and Gary Ferguson. We went into the studio to record and Jimmy had an allergic reaction to something in the studio and became very ill. Because he couldn't be in the studio to record, we set him up in the loading bay of the recording studio and he still was getting sick. After that, we used a long guitar cord, which led to a car out in the parking lot. He did the session inside the backseat of a car; it was raining outside too.

Did you catch Jimmy before or after you worked with him in Flame or in Aerosmith?

During the time of Aerosmith.

How did the album fare? Were you happy with the way it came out?

It did well on airplay and I was happy with it. Jimmy C., Neal Schon, Roger Linn (who invented the Linn drum machine), and the sax player from Supertramp played on it. It was a great time and a great experience.

You've done some work that readers of this page might recall through your work in tv and film, what are some that we might recognize?

First Lead Singer of Journey; I wrote "Wheel In the Sky" and "Anytime". I was the Lead Singer for Vinnie Vincent's first solo album "Vinnie Vincent Invasion". I did some music for some B Films (Angel), "That 70's Show", worked on "Sponge Bob". For more info please go to my website

Did Jimmy tour with you at all?

No. We did one show in Hollywood once.

You toured with Van Halen - could you share a Van Halen story?

Mike the Bass Player of Van Halen, told me he enjoyed banging chicks to my album in the tour bus.

Sum Jimmy up in one sentence.

He is a soul brother that has such a big heart-you can read the sincerity in his eyes. (My love to his family).

Thanks again Robert, all the best with your future endeavours!